You spawn in a vast world, all by yourself.You need to survive,eat,mine,kill and thrive in that world.Heres how to do that.

First Night In MineblocksEdit

Here is how to survive your first night in Mine Blocks.

To get started, you must make a wooden pickaxe.But first,get wood.Use your mouse to position the red cursor over the wood found in trees. Click and HOLD the left mouse button until the wood pops off.Try to get at least 5-10 wood.Now that you have wood, you can craft it.Go into your inventory by pressing "E" on your keyboard.It will show the inventory and a small 2x2 crafting area.Click the wood the place it on the crafting area.1 wood = 4 wooden planks,2 wooden planks = 4 sticks,4 wooden planks = 1 crafting table.Place the crafted crafting table in your hotbar and then close the inventory by pressing "E" again.Place the crafting table on the ground by pressing shift-click on the ground while holding the crafting table.Then shift-click on the crafting table.It will show a larger 3x3 crafting area.Then you can now make a wooden pickaxe by putting wooden planks on the top-left,top-middle and top-right of the crafting grid and a stick on the middle and bottom-middle.You now made a wooden pickaxe that can coal and stone!If you made a wooden pickaxe,you need to mine coal.To find coal you can mine down carefully or finding a cliff.But before that,get your crafting table first by "mining" it.To do that put the red cursor over the crafting table and then click and hold until it pops off.Then go to the place that  has coal.If you don't see coal,fill the crafting table with cobblestone which can be mined from stone.Stone is pretty much everywhere.