The Nether is one of the three dimensions in Minecraft and Mine blocks. It is a large world full of 
Nether Loading

A nearly generated loaded Nether world.Take note that it will always say "Do NOT abort the script when generating the nether!".


The player inside the Nether.A blaze,some glowstone,lava and obsidian can be found here.

netherrack,lava,glowstone,obsidian.In Mine Blocks,block of bones are found naturally generating in this dimension.It is hard to go to the nether because it requires a nether portal that requires portal rock that requires  lots of resources,not like the Minecraft Nether Portal,it will just require 10+ obsidian.

The nether consists of mainly netherrack. There are large mines that carve through the dimension.

Water will quickly melt/evaporate in the nether since it is very hot in the nether

Enemies include Blazes and Nethereyes.Kill blazes to have blaze rods and use it go to top

Creating the Portal to the NetherEdit

Screen Shot 2012-10-17 at 9.36.52 PM

How to make a portal to the nether.

For the player to go to the nether,he/she must make and have portal blocks,6 to be exact.Portal blocks are made from odd rocks enclosing an obsidian block inside a crafting table.This means that the player needs 48 odd rock & 6 obsidian.To make the portal,put the portal blocks as the picture is shown on the right.Then light the portal with a flint and steel.


  • You can plant trees in the nether,even it is hot in the nether,as long as it does not touch fire or lava so it wont get burned.
  • Nether Eyes were originated in the nether,but found a way out.This is why it rarely drops bedrock