Ruins structure

A player flying in a ruins structure in Mine Blocks. Some chest, moss, a snow block with a cobblestone floor and wall.

Ruins are structures in Mine Blocks that are made out of cobblestone with moss on top of them. Chests are scattered everywhere in this structure with valuable and, sometimes, junk items. In the chests there are a variety of items, like diamonds, topaz, ingots, flowers, wood, tools, etc. Spawning inside this place can be hard to get out of because it is time consuming to mine the walls of this biome but if your lucky there might be a chest with a pickaxe in it, usally a Stone Pickaxe.


  • These structure will not increase the spawn rate for hostile mobs since this is not an above-ground dungeon.
  • Moss can be found naturally here or when rain water touches cobblestone.