Nether EyeEdit

The Nether eye is an enemy or a hostile mob in Mine Blocks. It is one of two enemies/hostile mob (the other is the enderman) who spawn in both in 2 dimensions,the nether and the overworld.


The Nether Eye as the name says is found in the Nether . It is also found in the overworld. When defeated it drops netherrock,obsidian,or (very rare) bedrock.


Nether Eyes always fly.They are the only hostile/mobs in Mine Blocks that have the capability to fly.They will fly down if they fly up too high.It will fly towards the player fast if they see the player.Sometimes, they escape the player when they are attacked.


  • They are said that they broken out of the nether, and that's why they drop netherrack,obsidian,and bedrock.
  • Nether Eyes used to have legs and walk around. They used to be called Netherwalkers, but their name was changed after they changed their behavior.