Generated structures are structures that generate in the Mine Blocks world.



Trees are found in nearly every biome, and are nearly 100% essential for survival. Logs, however, are essential for most crafting (Crafting tables). Leaves of these trees have a 90% chance to drop saplings.

Giant mushroomsEdit

These are the trees of mushroom biomes. They drop mushrooms when collected.



These are small, unlit rooms found underground or near caverns. They consist of mossy cobblestone and cobblestone, with one monster spawner in the center. The spawner often spawns zombies and skeletons. The chest they contain often has cocoa beans, buckets, and other stuff.


Are large strongholds in the sky.They have libraries,lava,acid or water pools and a portal to the end.

Bonus ChestsEdit

Generate near the ends of the map.They are enclosed with cobblestone.


-Dungeons can easily be defeated by setting difficulty to peaceful.

-One video, Shows a user made village, asking that they add them.

-Giant mushrooms are sometimes rare.