Here are some ways to farm in Mine Blocks.

Tree FarmingEdit

Tree farming is an good way to get oranges and apples.Just pick up a sapling and put it on a grass block.If you use bonemeal on sapling,it will grow up into a tree.You can also plant golden apple trees,this way you can get many golden apples.To plant golden apples you need atleast 1 of it and then put it on a crafting area(in the inventory or in the crafting table) to change it into a golden apple seed.Then you just plant it like how to plant normal trees.

Sugarcane FarmingEdit

Sugar canes are used to craft sugar and paper.Here are some ways to farm this plant.

Efficient sugarcane farmEdit

A sugarcane can be farmed in a efficient way.Dig 2 blocks of dirt and place water.Cover with dirt and place sugar canes.This way will give you to farm more sugar canes faster and compacter.

Semi-automatic sugarcane farmEdit

Sugarcane farming can also be semi-automated.Same as the farm on top but place a block one side from sugarcane.Place behind it water.When you destroy block that blocks water,water will start to flow and it will destroy sugar canes.Not that pretty "semi-automatic", but you will not more pick sugar canes by hands.Recommended for those who do not want to harvest by hands.There are ways to do this by pistons too.