Biomes are vast areas of land that share the same climate and vegetation. Not all biomes are the same,and Mine Blocks has many biomes.

Kind of BiomesEdit


Forests are pretty self explanatory. They contain many trees that are rich with oranges and apples and are barely ever flat. Mobs often spawn here. Forests rarely contain lakes.


Are places that have cobblestone floors and walls and with moss on top of them.Chest spawn here,bringing valuable items like diamonds,iron,tools,etc.This DOESN'T increase the spawn rate of the hostile mobs since this is not a above-ground dungeon.


Water places that have corals,seewed and lily pads (as of the newer update).


Uncommon, these are flat areas of land that often stretch pretty far. They can contain pumpkins. Tall grass grows the most here. Because these places are so flat, on creative mode, builders like to build here.


This biome is just like the forest, but with snow and ice. Also, instead of raining, it snows. Wolves spawn the most here.


Very common biomes, they contain vast majorities of sand, and very little water. Many hostile mobs spawn here, and cactuses are the main hazard to players and mobs.

Mushroom IslandEdit

Added in update 1.22.6, this biome contains giant mushrooms, and mycelium on the ground instead of grass.Mooshrooms are the only peaceful mobs found here.


-Mushroom island is the only area of Mine-Blocks that legitimately contains mycelium .

-Hills are most common in forests.

-Pumpkins often spawn in tundras.

-If you spawn in a giant desert or ocean, it can be hard finding wood for your first night.